Specializing in children, adolescents and families
Dr. Reginald Landry Psychological Services Inc.

Dr. Reginald Landry, Dr. Julie MacDonald, Catherine Boudreau, Psychologists
Tim White, Occupational Therapist (Reg. NS)
Dr. Landry and Dr. MacDonald offer a range of services such as psychotherapy for a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Both Dr. Landry and Dr. MacDonald employ cognitive-behavioural therapies to deal with mental health issues. They also specialize in the treatment of childhood behavioural difficulties, particularly those related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
Services Offered By Dr. Reginald Landry

Dr. Landry offers a range of services for children, adolescents and adults. He has a special interest in assessment of learning disabilities and other difficulties with learning such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. He provides assessments for students in public school, community college and university. 

Dr. Landry also provides assessments of changes in individual’s information processing skills in the case of illnesses such as neurological disorders, mental health issues or accidents. These assessments can assist in the determination of changes to person’s abilities that affect how they adapt to various environments such as school, work or even family life. 

Dr. Landry also has an interest in parenting. He provides some assistance to couples who are separating and worry about the impact on children. In addition, he assists separating couples to improve their communication and resolve some differences with respect to access.  In addition, he completes assessments of parental capacity and assessments of custody and access.

Services Offered by Tim White, Occupational Therapist

Mr. White works with children and youth with developmental, learning and behavioural disorders to assess and develop their abilities in self-care, recreation, social, organizational and other skills. He has a special interest in children with autism spectrum disorders, attentional disorders and dysgraphia.

Are services covered by my private health plan?

Many psychology services are covered under private health plans. It is important to call your health plan provider to find out your elgibility for psychologiy services.  We are registered with Blue Cross, GreenSheild and Great West Life. Services for private psychologists in nova scotia are currently not covered by the provincial MSI/Healthcard system.  Should you require service under the MSI system, please contact your local mental health clinic.  For further information on our billinng policy please contact us.